Thanks to our add-on time recording for Microsoft SharePoint, working time recording is no longer a complex undertaking. From now on, you and your employees can concentrate on the really important things in your company. Because with the add-on time recording you save a lot of time, but record all data quickly and easily. With the new time recording system, your employees can conveniently enter their working hours online and can also manage them. Convince yourself of the other advantages of the add-on.

Everything in view with the add-on time recording

The add-on time recording for Microsoft SharePoint offers you, the HR department and your employees an overview of the hours worked, absenteeism and overtime. The modern and intuitive user interface makes it easier to enter times, even for employees who are not used to using a PC at the workplace, such as warehouse workers. Your employees are also familiar with the user interface from Microsoft SharePoint.

High cost savings with a small program

The time recording system for Microsoft SharePoint is a cost-effective alternative to expensive and maintenance-intensive recording terminals on the doors. As a result, the HR department is also relieved, because there is no need to add manual working hours if employees forget or lose their card for the registration terminal. From now on, your employees simply enter their working hours on the PC.

Upgrade Microsoft SharePoint with little effort

The seamless integration into Microsoft SharePoint offers you cost savings for additional programs and corresponding instructional courses by specialists. The add-on time recording can be implemented in your Microsoft SharePoint with little effort within a few days. In this way you avoid possible system failures for the changeover.

Flexible and precise time recording

The time tracking add-on for Microsoft SharePoint offers you the option of configuring flexible working time models, for example for part-time employees. The time recording system also automatically takes the statutory break times into account, so that the HR department can process the data directly without carrying out complicated calculations.