A company is only as good as its employees. This simple statement is becoming increasingly important in times of a shortage of skilled workers and demographic change. Efficient applicant management with an application form on your website, fast processing times and uniformity and professionalism in communication can be a decisive competitive advantage over your competitors. Our applicant management for SharePoint offers just that.

Full integration in SharePoint

Our applicant management is a solution based on Microsoft SharePoint and Nintex Workflow. This combines the advantages of both products: The intuitive user interface and the comprehensive authorization management of SharePoint as well as the very good, visual design options for processes with Nintex and its perfect adaptation to the SharePoint interface.

Features of the applicant management add-on

  • Integration with any online application forms.
  • Management of open positions including workflow-based approval processes.
  • Automatic assignment of applications to open positions.
  • Detailed authorization control at item level.
  • Comprehensive overview of open positions, received applications and their status and history at any time.
  • Fully automatic invitation and cancellation letters.
  • Workflow-based evaluation process of the applications received with automatic logging.
  • Automatic works council hearing including automatic notification and logging.
  • Automated deletion of applications according to flexibly adaptable rules.