An intranet is already “simply part of it”. Just like an e-mail system, electronic calendar or a telephone system. Nevertheless, the intranet is very neglected in many companies. We often experience that statements are linked to the intranet like “You can find it.” there anyway “,” The information in there is totally out of date anyway “or an ironic” Have a look at the intranet – everything is there. ” This is particularly a shame because a real treasure is buried here. There are only a few parts in a company where, with so little effort, as much value can be created as on the intranet.

Use our experience

Not sure how to best optimize your intranet? Would you like some fresh ideas? Do you have ideas but do not know how best to implement them? No matter what question she is currently dealing with in the topic: We can certainly help.

With our tried and tested procedures and concepts as well as our decades of experience in the design and implementation of intranets in companies of all industries and sizes, we have the right tool for every task. Test us and make an appointment for a free workshop.

A classic CMS alone is not enough

Technology actually only plays a subordinate role. What is much more decisive is a coherent and precisely fitting concept. However, one thing is crucial: A classic CMS system ( is not sufficient for a comprehensive intranet that unlocks all potential.

SharePoint as an integration platform

Document management, workflow management, small business applications – just a few of the topics that you will quickly encounter when you are concerned with optimizing internal and communication processes. And they are an integral part of a comprehensive intranet concept. This is the strength of the SharePoint platform. It integrates all of these topics and many more on one platform. In this way, it not only saves enormous costs in the implementation and maintenance of your intranet, but also offers unrivaled ease of use. As a result, intranet projects with SharePoint achieve extremely high user acceptance. And only with this high level of user acceptance is it possible to realize the potential benefits.