Do you still exchange large amounts of documents with your business partners by email? Do you want more efficient ways of working together? Are you worried about the security of the exchanged data?

An extranet takes collaboration with your partners to the next level. It enables an efficient and confidential exchange with suppliers, sales partners or customers across all company boundaries. It is superior to classic email, especially for regular exchange and with large amounts of data. An extranet will increase efficiency when working with your business partners. This means a competitive advantage for you. You stay in control of your data at all times.

But: An extranet is, due to the security aspects alone, a – not only technologically – demanding undertaking. Topics such as external user management, single sign-on and information security come along with the challenges that a collaboration platform already brings with it. Therefore, the selection of a suitable solution and an experienced partner in the implementation are crucial for success.

Why SharePoint? Why we?

With SharePoint, Microsoft offers a product that has been established for many years for the provision of a collaboration and communication platform. This solution can be used as an intranet in the company, but also as an extranet on its periphery. With the current version of SharePoint 2013 in particular, the product has again developed considerably in this area.

And: The spread of Microsoft products in the business world is very high. The chance that these are also used by your business partners is very good. This facilitates integration into existing infrastructure and increases user acceptance. Users already know the user interfaces and operate them intuitively, without any additional training. Administrators are familiar with the technologies, so maintenance and support costs remain manageable.

Benefit from our expertise in the provision of extranet environments with SharePoint. Our experience ranges from application integration in existing environments to the complete construction of a new extranet infrastructure. We would be happy to support you in the conception and implementation of your extranet.